10 careers in the music industry

Sound engineer

This role requires technical expertise, but also a creative side. It offers different possibilities because you can be a sound engineer in a studio taking care of the recording, editing, mixing and mastering of an album or you can mixing for live musics on tours for example. It has become easier to be trained since a lot of colleges and universities now offer specific studies in audio engineering and sound recording. Their workplace depends on what their role is, but it can include music studios, film studios, music venues, festivals...

Light engineer

Lightning technicians are responsible for controlling all the lights and visuals, whether it is in live music performances, on set of a music video or photoshoot. In the live music world, lightning is a very important part of the production in order to put on a great show. Their duties include: setting up and focusing lights, wiring up lights, changing the set-up, packing the lights and transporting them to the next location if needed. They usually need to start with their own equipment and need to get used to the physical intensity that can be required in this job, especially if they are touring.

Record producer

Their main job is to manage the sound recording and production of a band or performer's music. Their responsibilities include choosing a song, choosing a musician, what instruments should be used and how. To summarize, they supervise the whole creation of a song or album. They are usually picked depending on their background, their music genre, their ideas and who they work with. The music producers have to be very understand and attentive to what the artists want and also diplomatic when it comes to advising them.

Music journalist

Music journalists can work for print magazines, web magazines or other media such as TV. They report on music news, review new albums and songs, interview artists, write live reports and more. They must have great knowledge of the music world including the history of music, current artists... You can become one just because of your love for music (by starting a music blog for example) or by pursuing a journalism degree and specialize yourself in music later.


Music manager is probably one of the most wanted jobs in this industry. Their main goal is basically to connect the dots: to bring together the necessary people to accomplish your artist’s goals. They are in a relationship business which means they need to be great at communicating with other people and they must be good at making decisions and giving their artist good advice whether it is about promotion, contracts, concerts etc. They also need to be highly organized since they will coordinate all the projects of their artist.

Tour manager

Tour managers, not to be confused with managers even if they can be the same person, are in charge of everything that happens on tour and make sure that it runs perfectly. They run the show by making sure that everyone is doing their part, taking care of the tour finances, dealing with promoters etc. Tour managers are known to start as the artist’s friend very often because they need to have a very good relationship since they basically have to live together on tour.

Booking agent

There would be no show without the booking agents because they are the ones who book performers for live music gigs. They book artists, plan schedules, negotiate deals and issue contracts in order to make a show happen. They need to have a network of concert promoters and develop a good relationship with them. Like almost every job is the music industry, booking agents can work as freelance or for a company.

Social media manager

Nowadays, the online community is a big part of the music world. Every band, artist, label or any other music involved company need to have a social media manager in order to build an online following and put their name out there. They have a long list of tasks which can be: engaging and monitoring fan communities, contacting partners and influencers, updating artist social pages, providing customer service... this role obviously became necessary these last decade because of the fans mainly using Internet to discover new artists or to know more about the artists they listen to. Social media managers usually have a background of communications studies.

Music teacher

Music teachers are teaching people how to play an instrument or how to sing. They can work at a school, a college, at stores, at their home or even online. Just like any other type of teachers, they need to be patient, organized, enthusiast and creative. Many musicians do it as a side jobs, and some of them even do it while on tour.

Film score composer

The film composers write the score which is the music composed specifically for a movie. Their job is to compose, record and perform musical scores for a media that requires a soundtrack such as television shows, commercials, movies and video games which will determine their workplace. They are required to be creative, to have an excellent ear for music and artistic.