The California Music Hall of Fame - A Non-Profit Organization

Honoring The Past,

While Shaping The Future Of California's Music Legacy

Californians have always had a rich and profound impact on the world's music culture and have produced a musical legacy with contributions that have shaped and defined American music; including pioneers and superstars in almost every genre and every facet of the music industry.


  • To honor the past while shaping the future of California's music legacy;
  • To annually honor nominees from all walks of California musical life and across the wide spectrum of musical styles and disciplines;
  • To hold annual ceremonies to welcome nominees to the Hall;
  • To be a repository for awards, artifacts, memorabilia, displays, and information regarding inductees;
  • To inspire and encourage current and future generations to explore their own musical potential;
  • To pay tribute to all genres of music and all facets of California music professionals who have influenced the development and perpetuation of California music;
  • To facilitate "Rock The Wish Music Experience";
  • To educate the public about music and provide an information resource regarding California music by means of a variety of dissemination methods;
  • To develop and maintain a research center which can trace the history of California music through a comprehensive development of records, photographs, videos, tapes, books, posters, instruments, and other materials;
  • To promote California women in music
  • To raise funds to establish California Music Hall Of Fame & Museum
  • To obtain and operate an establishment with a performance hall, food service, shop, and event center that can be rented out;
  • To reinforce that a career in music can be both viable and valuable;
  • To present lectures, workshops, and performances:
  • To present "Books Backstage";
  • To create the "Side Walk Of California Music Stars';
  • To increase public awareness of the California Music Hall Of fame;
  • To provide a forum to spotlight local musical talent;
  • To establish CMHOF Youth Sings, CMHOH Band, CMHOH Adult Singers, & Music For Seniors