California Music Hall Of Fame


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California Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

When artists make a difference in the world through their years upon years of sharing their creative talents and musical wealth with the music scene and others, it is something that is not only somewhat rare but it is also something that is greatly celebrated. With artists being inducted into halls of fame both posthumously and while they're in attendance, these shows can be a veritable cornucopia of who's who and being able to actually witness this moment in time when these artists will be put in stone as ones who have made their mark on the world of music. This is going to be a wild time that you won't want to miss out on, so you're going to want to check your schedules for January 11, 2020 and make sure that you have the day free, or cancel on any plans you may have previously made. This is all happening at the Temecula CRC, so you had better start planning that trip to Temecula so that it coincides with this remarkable event!  With the popularity that this event is bound to bring, chances are good that tickets will end up selling out fast! 

About The Event

This is one of those events that people will be talking about for weeks and months afterward and will even be looked back upon in the years to come. There's no simple way to put it, but the California Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is a big deal, not just in the world of music but also in that this will be looked back on often as these artists will be set into stone to be forever remembered. This is a celebration put in place to honor those in music who deserve it, regardless of the genre or instrument that they play, with nominees that span every facet of the musical spectrum and history. There is a multitude of "Hall of Fame" ceremonies that happen throughout the country for a variety of reasons, but there are few that are as important in solidifying certain artists as a legend to be remembered for years and decades to come. This is our inaugural ceremony and to mark the occasion there will be a plethora of artists taking to the stage to accept awards as they are carried on into future generations by being inducted into the California Music Hall of Fame.

Fan Experience

When you find yourself with a chance to head out to a ceremony of this magnitude, you don't just risk missing out on it, as events such as this are as rare as they are popular. Attending a ceremony such as this will be equivalent to watching history in the making, as you will be able to see many artists take to the stage and accept their induction into the California Hall of Fame, and if you're lucky you'll even be able to bear witness to live musical performances as well! For more information please email Lydia Jacobs at 

[email protected]