Live music in Paris

If you are a music enthusiast like us and are planning a trip to Paris (aka my hometown!), you might want to know more about what the music scene has to offer over there. The good news is that you can probably find a concert to go to every night! From small open-mic bars to huge arenas, you will be able to experience music in so many different ways. Here is a list of a few spots that would make your vacation musical!


Le Pop In

This intimate bar, opened by two friends who shared a love for music, is known for discovering new talents and even created its own music label. It helps emerging artists to get more recognition and is usually very crowded due to its small size. Its lineup is eclectic but mostly pop and rock and offers open-mic every Sunday.

Le Bus Palladium

Situated in the very touristy Pigalle area of Paris just a few minutes away from the infamous Moulin Rouge, the Bus Palladium is a concert venue, nightclub and restaurant. It was created in the 1960’s after James Arch, a young business man, realized that it was very difficult for young people to go out at night because of the lack of transportation and decided to set up buses that would pick them up at different spots and drive people to different nightclubs. Later, he decided to create his own venue and called it “Le Bus Palladium”, influenced after the Palladium club in New York City. Very quickly the spot became famous, especially after the performances of Salvador Dali and The Beatles.


This new rock’n’roll venue is located in Bastille, an area known for its abundance of bars and liked by young people. Hosting daily free concerts, DJ sets, tributes, after shows and parties, it is the perfect place if you want to discover new musicians. It is also a good venue option if you are a new artist and want to organize your own show, offering you a capacity of 300 attendants. The Supersonic also has its own record store called Supersonic Records located in the same building.

Music venues:

L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix

Opened in 1888 by the co-founders of the Moulin Rouge, the Olympia is the oldest concert hall still operating in Paris. Many different types of artists such as dancers, transformists and orchestras performed there until the venue reinvented itself as a cinema in 1929 because of the lack of attendance at its shows. In 1954, the new owner completely renovated the indoors to give it a fancier look and to serve its original purpose as a concert venue again. Its lineup included some of the biggest French names such as Dalida and Edith Piaf but was not limited to them and also included international acts such The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. The Olympia has a capacity of 2 824 people for concerts and 1 996 seats if used for a movie projection which happens occasionally.

AccorHotels Arena

Originally known as Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy, the AccorHotels Arena is an indoor sports area and concert hall which can host up to 20,300 guests. It opened in 1984 and was completely renovated in 2014 in order to make the outdoor looks more modern and the indoor bigger. The way the venue was designed gives endless possibilities for lights, sound, special effects and is a first in the world. It is known for its sports events (it will be a venue for 2024 Summer Olympics) and worldwide acts. Many of them recorded live CDs and DVDs over there, such as Scorpions in 1985 (“World Wide Live”), Deep Purple in 1985 (“Live in Paris”) or more recently U2 in 2015 ("Innocence+Experience Tour Live In Paris”) and Lady Gaga in 2014 (“artRave : The Artpop Ball Tour - Live in Paris”).

Le Bataclan

The Bataclan was built over 150 years ago and is located in one of the most entertaining areas of Paris. Its name comes from an operetta by the famous German-French composer Offenbach. It was originally opened as a café-concert, then turned into a movie theater in the early 1920’s before turning into a music venue for rock acts. Motörhead and Iron Maiden among many other rock legends played there. In 1983, the Bataclan turned back into a regular music venue in order to open its doors to different types of music. Unfortunately in November of 2015, the venue became sadly known around the world because of a terrorist attack lead by ISIS in which 130 attendants lost their lives and 413 were injured. After a year of closure and a renovation, the Bataclan reopened in November 2016 exactly one day after the first anniversary of the attack. The English artist Peter Doherty was the first to perform.

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