"... music gives me strength, will power and the dire willingness to never give up."

Shayne Holzman

How Music Turns Pain Into Satisfaction

by Shayne Holzman

Music is about turning pain into satisfaction and your brain into action. Songs give us harmony, while we face strife; we’re always searching to find the melody to our lives. Yet peace hides from all of us. There’s a reason some musicians gravitate towards the songs they write because they’re in pain and they need positive relief, so they choose to cope with their issues productively.

I began learning piano after playing guitar and writing songs for 9 years. I wanted relief from mental and physical pain. I started writing and playing the sound of the pain I would hear in my head. I wouldn’t just play through a piece; I repeated sections and practiced scales over and over involving my brain in repetition. Soon and briefly, I was able to turn off the discomfort in my body.

Elton John dealt with his extreme emotional distress by playing piano. Despite his serious drug addiction, piano led the way in giving him hope and contentment. The first song I learned on piano was Tiny Dancer by Elton John and Bernie Taupin. I decided to learn the song because the structure of the chords; combined with 7th chords evoke contentment and calmness in my brain. Elton’s melody resonates with me because his vocal melodies are engaging and take twists and turns the listener wouldn’t expect.

In the midst of learning how to play the song, I had the best time because after practicing for two hours, I checked in with my body and I felt less pain than when I started my practicing. There were even times that I was free from my pain and I discovered that the more you love an instrument the more the instrument loves you back. I love piano because it helps me cope. Through playing piano, I am learning to accept myself, accept the uncomfortable, so that success is possible. It is a gift to be able to give others the soul of my sound by writing on guitar and playing piano. Piano turns my brain into action and I’m able to conquer other challenges I face with courage and hope.

Within this challenge, music gives me strength, will power and the dire willingness to never give up. Repetition in music allows my brain to take action and helps me turn pain into satisfaction. Satisfaction needs to be heard, to be acknowledged and felt in all of us. We wrestle with courage, yearning to feel nourished. We can narrate a story in which we adopt a hopeful, positive attitude and music makes this possible.

How do you turn your brain into action? How does music motivate you to do your job? Even if you don’t learn and play an instrument, you can still gather the full benefits music has to offer. The most universal art; is one of a songwriter and musician. Songs move us, motivate us and guide us to find words of expression. The next time you’re looking to feel better, listen to your favorite music because if you succeed at feeling better, you will do better in life. Be you, be brave; be strong today. I hope that music makes you feel good.